Guardian Mobility G6

Product ID: guardian_mobility_g6

The G6 terminal is unique providing a bi-directional midband 88 Kbps modem for use with the Iridium® satellite network. It uses IP data protocol and multiple interfaces, such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to ensure simple application integration and provides data, video and voice services. Features such as VOIP, PTT, compressed live video and imagery provide cost effective solutions not seen before in the aviation markets. Partners can develop scripting/applications within the device to customize the product features and capability for their enterprise services. STCs and MilSpec design have made it the ideal solution for military, law and order and EMS applications that require critical data communication redundancy.

The G6 provides an IP data platform for any aviation asset and guarantees connectivity anywhere in the world.

Key Features:
  • All-in-one Terminal
CST Certus 100 Modem with Iridium and GPS Antenna incorporated driven by powerful CPU with memory for custom scripts.
  • 88/88 Kbps IP Satellite Terminal
This is a bi-directional 88 Kbps terminal with 95% BW efficiency.
  • Voice, PTT, VOIP, Video and Imagery
Two HD Voice channels are included and Guardian is developing PTT/VOIP/Video/Imagery Services
  • Encryption
AES192 commercial encryption is standard with the option of AES256 after first release.
  • Power Backup
A High capacity capacitor provides limted but critical power backup to ensure power down message is sent.
  • Third-party Scripting Available
Third Parties can apply their own scripts to the terminal for customization.
  • Versatile Terminal Capabilities
BVLOS, ISR / C2 Capability, AFF, ATU & FDM

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