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Iridium Router based Unrestricted Digital Interworking Connectivity Solution (RUDICS) is an enhanced Gateway termination/origination capability for circuit switched data calls across the Iridium satellite network. RUDICS is designed to be incorporated into an integrated data solution. Integrated data solutions are applications such as remote asset monitoring, control, and data file transfer. Often these applications are designed to support hundreds or thousands of remote units. RUDICS is designed to take advantage of the global nature of the Iridium communications system and combine that with a modern digital connection between the Iridium Gateway and a centralized application server or Host Application.

RUDICS Service Applications

Typical applications include:

  • Email – Sending and receiving of email using custom applications software
  • FTP (File Transfer Protocol) for transferring data files.
  • Periodic data reporting by remote sensors
  • Polling of remote units to collect data
  • Control of remote equipment

Note that RUDICS is typically best suited for applications that:

  • Deploy more than 500 units, which report to a central host application OR
  • Use>1000 bytes and greater than 3 times per day


There are several key benefits to using RUDICS as part of a data solution as compared to using Dial-Up over the PSTN, mobile-to-mobile data, or Direct Internet. These benefits are summarized below:

  • Elimination of analog modem training time. This time is billable overhead, which results in a higher “effective” cost per kbyte on smaller data transmissions.
  • Increased connection quality, reliability, and maximum raw data throughput.
  • Protocol independence. No requirement to have a PC operating system and no requirement for TCP/IP.
  • Support for both Mobile Originated (MO) and Mobile Terminated (MT) calls.
  • MT calls rated the same as MO calls. This is not the case for calls placed via the PSTN.

How it Works

Remote applications use AT Commands to control any circuit switched data capable Iridium Subscriber Unit (ISU). The remote application dials a customer specific Iridium number, which connects the call through the Siemens D900 switch, to the RUDICS server. This customer specific number is assigned and provisioned by Iridium. Each ISU is authenticated using Calling Line Identification for the RUDICS customer specific number that it dialed. Once authenticated the call is routed over the terrestrial connection to a pre-configured Internet Protocol (IP) address and Port.

The Host application can make a Mobile Terminated call by opening a Telnet session to the RUDICS server. Once authenticated, a series of AT Commands are used to connect to the remote ISU and establish a circuit switched data call.

Connectivity between the Iridium Gateway and the Host Application can be by a variety of methods, including Internet, Virtual Private Network and Leased Line.

Additionally, the RUDICS application offers the capability for multi-link Point to Point Protocol (PPP). This allows multiple ISU’s to be used to send data simultaneously and the data can be delivered in an N x 2400 bps PPP connection.

RUDICS has a number of advantages over other methods of originating and terminating Circuit Switched Data calls on Iridium.

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Key Specifications

  • Connectivity Options: Internet, VPN, Frame Relay, and Leased Circuit
  • Support Protocols: TCP/IP encapsulation, PPP, MLPP
  • Authentication of calls based on MSISDN

Important Considerations RUDICS also has the capability to support binding of multiple data channels. This channel binding feature allows a customer requiring higher throughput to use multiple Iridium subscriber devices to place simultaneous data calls to the number assigned by Iridium. All the data calls are then bound into a single higher bandwidth connection within the gateway - more specifically within the Cisco AS5400. Initial testing using 4 Iridium modems, a commercial PC running MLPP, and 4 port serial device result in effective throughputs (with compression) of 40-50 kbps.

The RUDICS equipment will support the follow service types:


  • Provides connection to the Internet
  • Requires that the field application (FA) be “smart,” i.e. has a TCP/IP stack
  • Routing configuration is maintained in the FA


  • Provides connection direct to host server
  • View as a very long serial cable
  • Field application (FA) is “dumb,” i.e. does NOT have a TCP/IP stack
  • IP address not provided by Iridium
  • IP connection is between Iridium and host server. This is not an IP network
  • Routing configuration is maintained at the Iridium gateway

Mobile Terminated (MT)

  • Similar to Standard connection, but in reverse
  • Can be stand-alone or paired with Standard or PPP mobile originated connections
  • 5 terminating ports are included in initial set-up. Additional ports available for a fee.
  • IP and ports are provided after set-up for is completed by VAR and the configuration is made by Iridium
  • Security - Must specify the originating IP address of their host server in the set-up form so Iridium’s firewall can be configured to accept it. A static IP is necessary.

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