Iridium Plus 1 Access Service

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Iridium Plus 1 Access Service

+1 Access service provides Iridium postpaid subscribers with a U.S. +1 phone number in addition to their existing 8816 phone number. +1 Access can be added to any Iridium postpaid account.

+1 Access service is similar in concept to two-stage but doesn't require any user intervention. Each +1 number is directly mapped in the switch to an accompanying 8816 number. When a call is received via +1, the system identifies the correct MSISDN and routes the call to the Iridium user. The process is seamless, but there will be a slight delay prior to call connection - as is currently experienced with two-stage.

+1 Access enables simpler and less expensive voice calling of Iridium subscribers. The service carries a low monthly fee and a price-per-minute for inbound calls that is slightly higher than that of Iridium’s existing two-stage dialing service. Pricing for outbound calls remains unchanged.

Iridium subscribers will gain from the added convenience of having a U.S. phone number linked to their Iridium phone.

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  • Calling party pays their carrier the prevailing rate for a call to a U.S. phone number
  • Availability: +1 Access service is only available for Iridium postpaid customers
  • Restrictions/Limitations: ISU-ISU calls made using a +1 Access number will be charged +1 Access rates. In order to take advantage of ISU-ISU calling rates, subscribers must dial the 8816 telephone number.
  • If the Iridium subscriber has forwarded all calls to voice mail, both parties are still assessed charges as described above.

Data and SMS services are not supported with +1 Access Service.

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