Iridium Voice Service

Iridium Voice Service

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If you work, live or travel in areas outside cellular coverage or in areas with inadequate landline service, Iridium is for you. Eighty-six percent of the world's landmass and all of its oceans are in areas with inadequate landline service. Iridium service from GIT Satellite addresses these situations by providing coverage in all ocean areas, air routes and all landmasses - even the North and South Poles.

Standard Voice Services

The Iridium system provides true global voice services by covering areas that cellular and landline do not. Voice services from are supported using the 9500 handset, the smaller, lighter 9505 handset or Iridium 9505A satellite phone, the newest and smallest Iridium 9555 satellite phone or the Connect Inside terminal. The excellent signal strength provided by the Iridium constellation supports reliable connectivity across wide ranging landscapes and situations.

  • Provides truly global, truly mobile voice connection.
  • Hearing your family or connecting to your colleagues is as easy as dialing the phone.

Supplementary Voice Services and Advanced Features
Adding even more value to our standard services, GIT offers a number of other great features such as those below:

  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Barring
  • A personal mailbox that receives and stores numeric messages, text messages, and voice mail messages.
  • Voice mail allows callers to leave a recorded message in your personal mailbox.
  • Short Messaging Service (SMS) allows someone to send a 160-character text message directly to the 9500, 9505, and 9505A satellite phones and up to a 1000-character text message directly on the newest Iridium 9555 satellite phone.

Short Messaging Service (SMS)
As an Iridium voice subscriber, your phone performs double-duty as a voice communication and messaging device. The Iridium 9505 and 9505A satellite phones can send and receive up to 160 alphanumeric characters in a single message. The Iridium 9555 satellite phones can send and receive up to 1000 alphanumeric characters in a single message. Once you turn your phone on and register with the Iridium satellite network, your new messages will be sent directly to your handset.

All Iridium handsets - with the exception of the Motorola 9500 - have the ability to send SMS-MO (Mobile Originated) messages, Iridium has a complete SMS service.

Service Offerings of SMS-MO

  • Two-way global text messaging
  • Send to and receive from other Iridium subscribers
  • Send to and receive from email addresses. Iridium subscribers will be able to receive SMS messages via, where MSISDN is your personal phone number.
  • Send to and receive from cellular subscribers (when available)
  • Up to 160 alphanumeric characters per message on the 9500, 9505, or 9505A satellite phones
  • Up to 1000 alphanumeric characters per message on the 9555 satellite phone
  • Messages will be stored until delivered (up to 8 days)
  • Supported on Motorola Iridium 9505, 9505A, and 9555 handsets and 9522A & 9522B L-Band Transceivers

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