Iridium GO!® Rental

Manufacturer: Iridium®
Product ID: rent-irid-go-hotspot

Iridium GO!® Rental

Turn your smartphone into a satellite phone! Access the internet, sent texts and make calls from anywhere on the planet with Iridium GO!® and your smartphone. Iridium GO!® is a portable Global hotspot that allows up to 5 Wi-Fi enabled devices (tablets, laptops, smartphones) to access the internet and use airtime service at a time. Android and iOS users alike benefit from official companion apps for the GO!®.


  • Outgoing calls (PSTN, ISU): $1.75/ minute
  • Outgoing to Inmarsat phones: $10.99/ minute
  • Incoming calls direct: Free
  • Incoming 2-stage calls: $1.75/ minute
  • Iridium voicemail retrieval: $1.75/ minute
  • SMS-MO (short message service): $.45/ message
  • All rentals include voicemail, call forwarding, and call barring services.
  • Each rental includes: One Device, one battery, travel bag, and quick use manual. Depending on power capability, one or more of the following will be included: wall charger, international plug adapters  or auto charger.
  • Ease of use, size and functionality of Iridium GO!® ensure remote communications anywhere in the world.

LOSS PROTECTION: Loss protection is optional and protects the renter from full replacement value charges in the event of lost, stolen, or damaged equipment. If the equipment is lost, stolen, or damaged, an amount equal to the deductible will be charged to the credit card on file unless other arrangements are made. If the renter declines the loss protection, the renter agrees to pay the full replacement value of all equipment lost, stolen, or damaged at current market value. The renter remains liable for all airtime charges until the equipment is reported to a GIT Satellite representative as lost or stolen.

Return shipping not included in price. Renter agrees to ship equipment no later than 2 business days after contracted rental period. Renter understands that failure to do so will result in an additional week’s rental being billed to the credit card number on file until the rental equipment is returned.

Iridium GO!® App

To access the unique services offered by Iridium GO!®, the free Iridium GO!® application must be downloaded to your smartphone. Used in conjunction with the device, the application enables you to:

  • Make voice calls
  • Send quick GPS or check-in message
  • Configure your settings
  • Send Twitter posts
  • Set-up Wi-Fi data calls
  • Activate Emergency SOS

Download here:

  • Google Play:
  • iTunes:!/id808207315?ls=1&mt=8

Iridium Mail & Web App

Leveraging the world’s furthest reaching network, Iridium Mail & Web is a free application for Android and Apple iOS (coming soon) devices that accelerates email messaging and web browsing while connected to Iridium Wi-Fi solutions — allowing you to keep in touch with work, family and friends — anytime, anywhere.

Compatible with Iridium GO!® and Iridium AxcessPoint, the app uses compression and network-based filters to deliver global capabilities otherwise not possible with standard apps designed for cellular and broadband networks.

  • Powerful features of Iridium Mail & Web include:
  • Easy icon navigation allows single-click access to features
  • Drafting and viewing emails offline
  • Configuring email size to minimize connection time
  • Queuing up emails to be sent up to 15x faster than web-based services
  • Retrieving emails from external accounts
  • Blocking pop ups, removing ads and background images
  • Compressing web pages for download speeds of 3-5x faster than uncompressed pages
  • Logging in to Facebook and Twitter to keep your network updated
  • Compressing and sending photos to share experiences online
  • Accessing weather forecasts for up to 7 days for various locations

Download here:

  • Google Play:
  • iTunes:

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