Vehicle Mounting Kit for SatStation Single Bay Chargers

Price: $60.00



Vehicle Mounting Kit for SIngle Bay Chargers

The Vehicular Mounting Bracket is designed to securely hold the single bay charger in place in the vehicle. Supplied with a DC power cable (with in-line 3A fuse) which can be connected directly to the vehicle battery or ignition or alternatively a shorter power cable with a cigarette lighter plug to fit into a 12-24V DC power point in the vehicle.

A heavy duty rubber strap is included to hold the battery securely in the charger even under the most extreme situations.



  • A ruggedly designed bracket allowing you to permanently mount the charger in your vehicle.
  • 12-24 VDC power cable with in-line fuse or cigarette lighter plug.
  • Rubber strap to secure batteries in the charger.
  • Provides fully charged back-up battery at all times.