Skyware ATOM 99 Ka-Band Flyaway Terminal

Price: $43,170.00



The Skyware ATOM 99 Ka-Band Flyaway Terminal for Global Xpress

This compact terminal is lightweight, rugged and quick to deploy and stow. The design is simple and robust for fast operation in tough environments. The dual-offset antenna with its 99cm reflector provides maximum efficiency and best possible radiation characteristics for improved data throughput and availability. It employs a segmented carbon fiber reflector that deploys quickly and accurately with no tools. The ATOM 99 is pending pre-approval for out-of-the-box compatibility with Inmarsat’s Global Xpress Commercial (29-30 GHz) Ka-Band network.

The integrated Ka transceiver houses a BUC, PLL LNB and all associated waveguide components in an IP sealed compact unit requiring no cooling fans. The manual mount provides means to adjust the antenna pointing angle and interfaces to the tripod by way of quick-release catch. The integrated modem module includes pointing assistance features to ease rapid satellite acquisition. The tripod is manufactured from aluminum with adjustable legs which provides a low profile and wide operational footprint while minimizing stowed length.


Key Features:
  • Inmarsat Global Xpress approved
  • Compact, rugged and lightweight
  • Assisted pointing features for rapid satellite acquisition
  • Quick deploy and stow
  • Tool-free operation
  • Reconfigurable for any terrain
  • Sealed RF chain
  • All passive cooling for improved reliablitiy

Key Specs:
  • Reflector Size: 99cm
  • Frequency Rx: 19.2-21.2
  • Range (GHz) Tx: 29.0-31.0
  • G/T: 21.0 dB/K @ 20.2 GHz 30ºEl, clear skies
  • EIRP: 54.0 dBW @ 30.0 GHzTBD