SkyLink 5100 (Land)

Price: $2,750.00



The SkyLink 5100 delivers next-generation satellite connectivity to any location on the planet. This compact and versatile communications terminal is powered by Iridium’s new Certus 100 network, providing enterprise-grade voice, remote monitoring, and data connection.

As a certified Iridium Connected® product, the SkyLink 5100 is designed for complete business efficiency, safety and continuity coverage. Its slim design allows for easy mounting on fixed or mobile units to transfer real-time data from existing sensors, asset utilization and IoT/M2M monitoring tools. In the field, use this device as a portable communications and media sharing platform for mission-critical updates to and from remote and frontline workers. With the SkyLink 5100, achieve total connectivity for all assets, in every location, across the globe.

GIT Satellite offers innovative satellite solutions for worldwide voice, data, and fleet operations. The pioneering platform, SkyRouter™, is an exclusive, customizable cloud-based portal for dual-mode tracking, analytics, and communications for real-time fleet monitoring and performance management. With the SkyRouter and SkyLink 5100 services, capture, display, disseminate, and port data from every asset in the field to the command center with uninterrupted global coverage. GIT Satellite is an Iridium Certus service provider and value-added manufacturing partner.


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