RO-Mobile Awareness Platform (RO-MAP)

RO-Mobile Awareness Platform (RO-MAP)

Product ID: RO-MAP
RO®-Mobile Awareness Platform (RO®-MAP)

RO-Mobile Awareness Platform (RO-MAP.) The RO-MAP is a software application that runs on a PDA and provides vital Situational Awareness (SA) information quickly and reliably to the end-user. The RO-MAP utilizes the functionality of a PDA along with the beyond line-of-sight (BLOS) capability of the RO Tactical Radio to provide situational awareness and enhanced communication capabilities.

Not only can the RO-MAP obtain position location information, text messages and reports from other RO tactical radio users, it can also be used as a remote control device for the RO tactical radio. All commonly used functions of the radio can be controlled and monitored including speaker volume and networks assigned. The PDA connects to the RO tactical radio through the 6 pin RS-232 data/audio port. When connected, the RO tactical radio is configured to operate in data collector mode. This feature provides position awareness of all RO tactical radios within 100-250 miles that are on the same network. The position location information (PLI) is then graphically displayed on the RO-MAP situational awareness application. The RO tactical radio transmits location based on time, distance or when the push-to-talk switch is depressed.

Key Benefits

RO-MAP is single software application that allows for rapid switching between Mapping, Text Messaging and RO Remote Control.

> Display of current position as well as the positions of other RO tactical radios within range
> Precise MGRS grid and heading information
> 100-250 mile (160.9-402.3 km) range
> Operation in low power blackout mode
> Text messaging by simply selecting positions on the map
> Over-the-shoulder remote RO tactical radio control
> Sending and receiving standard reports such as Situational Reports (SITREPS) and Position Reports (POSREPS)
> Encrypted data communications and storage

> Map pan and zoom capability
> Map centering on any position
> PLI ‘drill down’ for detailed information
  • Call sign (IMEI/Alias) - Group (Net #)
  • GPS Msg ID, GPS date, GPS UTC
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Altitude
  • Accuracy
  • Speed
  • Climb
  • Grid zone
  • Grid position
  • Bearing
> Map position identification naming, so that identified positions can be sent to other units

Messaging and Reports
> Text message alerts
> Message storage
> Chat area for broadcast messaging
> Send and receive common reports
> Broadcast or point-to-point addressing

RO Tactical Radio Remote Control
> Talker mode active indicator
> Listener mode active indicator
> Registration status indicator
> Signal strength indicator
> Battery level indicator
> Radio diagnostic information
> Active net selection and identification
> Secondary net selection and identification
> Volume adjustment

RO-MAP Configuration KIT
The RO-MAP configuration kit is a pre-loaded laptop with software to generate map data for the RO-MAP.

PDA with RO MAP kit Includes:
  • Rugged PDA with AC charger
  • 32G Micro SD Memory Card
  • RO MAP Application Software for Tracking, Texting and RO Remote Operations
  • PDA Pouch
  • User Guide
  • Interface Cable from the PDA to the RO tactical radio
  • USB Cable from the PDA to a PC
  • 12 Month from Shipment Warranty
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