Plane Simple L-Band

Plane Simple L-Band

Product ID: plane_simple_l_band

Reliable Connectivity Anywhere You Fly

Satcom Direct’s Plane Simple™ L-band hardware solution is optimized to address the unique requirements of business and government aviation. Comprised of just two (2) Line Replaceable Units (LRUs), the SDR Gateway 2.0 and the Iridium Certus® High Gain Antenna (HGA), the small form factor equipment is easy to install providing reliable connectivity and full router functionality at reasonable prices.

Performance Built

The fuselage-mounted High Gain Antenna meets the stringent performance requirements to support the highest Iridium Certus data rates both today and in the future

Cabin Connectivity

Voice and data communications with PBX/telephony, three (3) high quality voice lines, full range routing features, and integrated cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Compact Design

Suitable for a wide variety of airframes, including smaller aircraft that cannot support tail-mount antennas.

Enhanced Controls

Integrated personality module (PM) incorporates user SIMs, config data, and mass data storage.


FCC, ETSI, and ISED certified

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