Paradigm Connect100T Terminal

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  • Paradigm Connect100T Terminal
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Price: $24,875.00



The Paradigm Connect100T Terminal for Global Xpress

A quick deploy and cost effective Global Xpress terminal

The Connect100T terminal is a medium-sized transportable Global Xpress certified solution designed to provide optimum performance on the GX network. It provides portability and straightforward setup for short term use in demanding environments. The one metre antenna with the Outdoor Paradigm Interface Module (PIM), the Paradigm Tri-Mount and transit cases can be deployed or installed in virtually any location that has a clear view to the satellite.

This quick deploy terminal assembles easily and will have you on the air and connected in 10 to 20 minutes - making phone calls, receiving data and transmitting your video. The Outdoor PIM includes One Touch Commissioning and guarantees easy pointing with its built-in visual crosshairs and audio feedback. The PIM visual crosshairs are supplemented with a GUI interface that provides a step-by-step guide with additional visual indicators of signal strength and other useful terminal information. Broadcasters, First Responders and Emergency Services, amongst others, will all benefit from the large bandwidth which Global Xpress and the Connect100T can provide. The entire system is supplied in transit cases for safe shipment and ease of deployment.

Standard Terminal includes:
  • 98c m Antenna with feed
  • El/Az Antenna Mount
  • 5W Transceiver / BUC & LNB
  • RF Cable (2.5m)
  • Outdoor PIM
  • Installation Guide and Operators Manual
  • Paradigm Tri-Mount
  • Transit Cases



Reflector 98cm One Piece, Steel
Optics One Piece Offset Feed Prime Focus
Feed Custom Circular
Mast Pipe Interface
  60mm (2.38”) Diameter (Std.)
Mount Geometry
  Elevation over Azimuth

Azimuth Adjustment
Fine 360° Continuous; ±3° Adjustment
Elevation Adjustment
Fine 5° to 90° Continuous
Polarisation RHCP/LHCP, Manual Change
Packaged Weight
32kgs per case approx
Tripod Weight
10kgs approx
Tripod Mast Pipe Interface
60mm (2.38”) Diameter (Std.)

Frequency Range (GHz) GX Compliant
Polarisation Circular, RH or LH
Data Capabilities Up to 5Mbps Uplink / 50Mbps Downlink
External Power 100-230V (50-60Hz)
Ingress Protection
Radiation Pattern Compliance GX Certified

Ambient Operating Temperature
Antenna -50°C to +80°C
Outdoor PIM -25°C to +55°C
Operating Humidity
Outdoor PIM 0 to 95% (Condensing)

Ordering Information
Connect100T Terminal

Connect70 Antenna
Outdoor PIM with optional POE and/or DC Power Output
Customised and Compatible Fibre and Wireless Solutions available on request
Custom Cable Lengths and Types available on request
Cooling and De-Icing Systems available on request
Installation Tool Kit

Paradigm Tri-Mount Options
Stabilising Weight
Sand Pads
Anchor Kit