Northern Lights Prepaid Plan

Price: $279.00



The Northern Lights Prepaid plan is designed for Iridium satellite users who primarily make calls from Alaska and Canada to the USA and Canada. This special prepaid package includes 200 minutes with a 6 month expiration.

  • Unique with the Northern Lights Plan, Iridium customers have a 6-month plan to meet seasonal needs
  • Unused minutes roll over when minutes are renewed prior to expiration date
  • Iridium-to-Iridium rates are debited at 3/4 of standard minute rates
  • Minutes are billed in 20-sec increments
  • This prepaid plan cannot originate calls outside Alaska or Canada
  • If calls are placed to locations outside of the USA and Canada, the minutes are debited at twice the rate
  • The Northern Lights Plan cannot be used in conjunction with other plans, nor minutes transferred to another SIM card
  • Grace period for renewals: 90 days from date of expiry. If the SIM card is not recharged prior to grace period expiration date, a new SIM card will need to be purchased
  • No commitment. No activation fees. Add minutes when needed.


No Commitment. No Activation Fees. Add minutes when needed.