Iridium Passive Antenna (ASE-FA12)

Manufacturer: ASE
Product ID: ASE FA12

Iridium Fixed Mast Passive Antenna (ASE FA12)

Iridium satphones were designed to operate with a passive antenna, either an element attached directly to the handset, or a remote aerial connected with a short length of coaxial cable. A signal loss of more than 3dB in a remote antenna’s connecting cable degrades performance due to attenuation of both the received and transmitted signals.

A 3dB loss corresponds to approximately 20m of LMR600 or 6m of LMR240 coaxial cable, lengths that clearly restrict the mounting options for the antenna using standard down-leads.

ASE Fixed Mast Antenna, for use with the Iridium 9505A or 9555 satellite phones delivers exceptional reception performance for permanent in-building or marine applications. This antenna is designed for free-air operation, no ground plane.

Box Contents
  • Use with any Iridium Satellite Phone or Dock
  • Completely sealed and contains no moving parts
  • For Threaded Pipe Mounting or Additional Mount
  • Ideal for marine or in-building use

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