Iridium Extreme® PTT

Iridium Extreme® PTT

Manufacturer: Iridium®
Product ID: Iridium-Extreme-PTT
Min / max order: 2 / -
Iridium Extreme® PTT (Push-to-talk)

The Iridium Extreme® PTT (Push-to-talk) combines voice communication and positioning services with less than two-second push-to-talk capability—all in a portable, hand-held device. Netted Iridium allows multiple users to share a common voice or data connection—broadcasting to all users in a net or to sharing their connection for push-to-talk voice applications. Providing transmit and receive functionality for both voice and data, the ruggedized Netted Iridium handset contains an embedded GPS device allowing the device to send position location information automatically or at the touch of a button.

(NOTE: Minimum purchase of 2 units required for PTT radio functionality to work. CALL GIT FOR DETAILS before placing your order)

  • Complete worldwide coverage capability using Iridium’s Low Earth Orbit satellite constellation.
  • Define Talk groups into geographic areas can be made up of one to ten separate areas.
  • Flexible definition of geographic areas can be created and modified by customer to meet operational requirements.
  • Greater accessibility due to multiple look angles to satellites.
  • Low latency due to LEO constellation.
  • Uses proven satellite handset technology based on a modified Iridium Extreme® (9575).
  • The Iridium Extreme® PTT (Push-to-talk) is a dual - mode device that supports both the current Iridium Extreme® capabilities (I.E. - Voice, SMS, SBD) and PTT (Push-to-talk).
    • To switch between the two sides of the device, the user selects the first choice in the menu – “Switch to Phone” or “Switch to PTT.”
    • The transition from Phone to PTT is approximately 10 seconds while the transition from PTT to Phone is about 20 seconds.
    • When in PTT mode, any calls into the Phone will be sent automatically to voice mail.
    • SOS functionality only in Phone Mode.
    • PTT Service Label – The letters PTT appear on the Handset LCD Screen to advise the user that they are operating the PTT side of the device and not the telephony side.
  • Devices can be part of one or several Talk groups.
  • Talk groups can consist of a few to thousands of devices.
  • Secure PTT communications through the use of AES256 encryption and ‘device keys’.
  • It is a new Handset. (Reflash of Iridium Extreme® (non - PTT) devices Not possible)
  • The Telephony side of the Phone is – SIM Based.
  • The PTT SIDE is IMEI based.
  • Hardware Enhancements – Improved speaker, PTT Button, PTT Firmware.

There are two primary operating modes for the PTT side of the Iridium Extreme® PTT:
  • Home Mode – the device is looking for communication on a specific talk group and will be involved in any sessions that are started on that talk group.
  • Scan Mode – the device looks for activity on any of the talk groups for which the device is provisioned and plays audio for a few seconds for each talk group in succession, similar to a police scanner .
  • The user of the device decides which mode he wants to be in at any given time.
  • The device always starts up in Home mode.

Iridium Extreme® PTT Command Center
  • Allows End User to manage devices and Talk groups, define Talk group names, define geographic location for each Talk group and then allocate devices in to certain talk groups.
  • Easy to use GUI makes creating and managing Talk group areas, Talk group names and device allocations quick and simple.
  • Full reporting of Talk groups, devices, usage and event logs.
  • The SuperAdmin receives an email invitation to complete the registration process.
  • Clicking on the link brings the user to the Registration screen.
  • The user must specify a password and agree to the Terms of Use.
  • GIT will work with End User's to creates Devices and Talk groups in SPNet. (Provided by Iridium)
  • Within seconds those Devices and Talk groups appear in the PTT Command Center.
  • Command Center updates are delivered to handsets Over - the - air. (OTA)

Iridium Extreme® PTT Talkgroups 

Adding Regions on the Map
  • Regions are selected with the rectangular or circular tool.
  • Clicking on the tool will drop a shape on the map that can be repositioned, resized and rotated to cover the desired area.
  • Each defined geographic region can be named.
  • Talk groups sizes are small, medium, large, extra large or Jumbo (defined in Sq./Km) 100k,300k,750k,1.5 & 2.25M.
  • The End User defines the location and size of each region using shapes.
  • Regions can be selected graphically on a map or by using specific coordinates in list view.
  • Up to 10 regions may be included within the total area of each Talkgroup.
  • This feature enables the ability to share talkgroups across multiple service organizations and geographies.
  • Talkgroup Sharing can be turned on only by an Iridium Admin.
  • Capabilities of a “Tiled” view of what Talk groups allocated.
  • The user clicks on a Talkgroup to edit or manage its attributes.
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