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Iridium Edge™

Iridium Edge™
Price: $410.00





  • Message Size: 240 bytes (Receive), 370 bytes (Transmit)
  • Frequency: 1616 – 1626.5 MHz


  • Dimensions: 130 mm (L) x 80 mm (W) x 30 mm (H)
  • Ingress Protection: IP 67
  • Side and bottom cable exits 


  • Operating temperature range: -40C to 85C
  • Storage temperature range: -40C to 85C


  • RS232 AT command interface
  • On/Off control lines


  • Power Supply ( 9-32V), SAE J1455 Load dump protected  
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Maximum Power: 1.6W  (peak for short transmit burst)
  • Low Power Modes: < 100uA 


  • Iridium® satellite network certification
  • FCC, IC, CE, Australia approvals
  • RoHS compliant

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  • ASE Iridium Extreme Vehicle Mount Docking Station

    ASE Iridium Extreme Vehicle Mount Docking Station $1,155.00

    Iridium Extreme Vehicle Mount Docking Station with Palm Held Speaker/Mic (ASE-9575P-VEH)


    • Hands-Free Operation
    • GPS Reporting
    • SMS Texting
    • Single All-In-One Compact Design
    • SOS Messaging
    • Iridium Voice Communication
    • Battery Charger
    • Supports Iridium WiFi Access Point
    • POTS / RJ11 for PBX or Wireless Base Station

    Extend Iridium's Extreme handset features when you're NOT outdoors!

    When satellite visibility is unavailable, ASE's 9575/P Extreme Docking Stations support all 9575 handset functions indoors, in-vehicle or below deck while adding unique, innovative, and powerful features of their own. Compatible with Iridium's Wi-Fi Axcess Point and Iridium Extreme Portal Providers, global communication and tracking has never been more powerful!

    Enhances Iridium ExtremeTM Handset
    The ASE Extreme Dock supports and enhances the power of the 9575 handset by coupling external Iridium and GPS signals and exposing all handset ports and buttons to the user when docked. This includes easy access to the SOS emergency button. The ASE Extreme Dock securely locks the handset in place and provides a latching connection to eliminate vibration and ensure reliable communications even in the most rugged conditions. The Dock fully supports all location and tracking features including Iridium ExtremeTM portal providers and partners of location-based services (LBS).

    Innovative Voice and Data Connections
    A variety of voice connections are possible with the ASE Extreme Dock which features a 'unique to the industry' palm held speaker/mic with push-to-talk (PTT) operation that is familiar with many first responders and security personnel. Other voice interfaces include standard speaker/mic for in-vehicle hands-free operation, privacy intelligent handset, and optional POTS/RJ-11 for long distance solutions, wireless handsets, and office PBX integration. ASE's exclusive SmartDial feature further simplifies satellite dialing from both the POTS/RJ-11 and privacy handset interfaces.

    For data use, the ASE Extreme Dock supports SMS text messaging and provides a direct USB connection to the 9575 handset, requiring no additional drivers or upgrades beyond the standard Iridium handset driver. Additionally, this port fully supports Iridium's AxcessPoint to provide a global Wi-Fi hotspot for devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops, connecting users in ways never before possible.

    Antenna Solutions
    The ASE Extreme Dock accepts a male TNC for Iridium and a male SMA for GPS (mag-mount GPS antenna included). Therefore, in-vehicle applications require no additional antennas when used together with Iridium's mag-mount antenna supplied with their handset. For non-vehicle applications, ASE offers a variety of marine and dual-mode antenna solutions.

    Intelligent Star8TM Diagnostics
    To assist with the often overlooked, yet critical aspects of antenna placement, obstructions, and cable lengths, ASE developed Star8TM Diagnostics. Once an installer or end user activates our Star8TM features on site, diagnostic records are created, including: an instant report, a time-lapsed report, and a time-lapsed assessment that factors in satellite orbits. These evaluations are readily accessible by the user and may be shared with the service provider's technical team, who then can remotely assess the health and robustness of their particular voice and data connections. Star8TM features are accessible via the privacy handset and POTS/RJ-11 interfaces.

    Optional Docking Station Variations

  • Iridium Pilot Land Station

    Iridium Pilot $4,399.00

    Iridium Pilot Land Station

    Dependable communications — anywhere sky meets earth

    Iridium Pilot Land Station simplifies the world of terrestrial satellite communications, ensuring reliable data speeds and voice quality no matter where need or circumstance takes you.

    Simple, flexible terrestrial voice and data solutions

    Iridium Pilot Land Station is engineered for durability in harsh environments and delivers reliable communications performance and value in a variety of fixed and mobile applications — everywhere on the planet. The flexible, low cost platform:

    • Supports data applications such as email, web browsing or social media
    • Powers up to three simultaneous voice calls, even during data transmission
    • Simply mounts on buildings for quick deployment in remote locations

    Powered by Iridium OpenPort broadband service

    The high-speed, high-value Iridium OpenPort broadband service delivers flexible, affordable and reliable data services. Leveraging Iridium’s unique global constellation of 66 cross-linked Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites, the packet switched service:

    • Substantially reduces your communications costs
    • Offers a range of configurable voice and data plans to meet your specific needs
    • Ensures high reliability and availability — hardened against extreme weather

  • SatStation Box Dock for Iridium 9555 Phone

    SatStation Box Dock for Iridium 9555 Phone $1,395.00

    SatStation Iridium Box Dock for Iridium 9555

    This tough watertight case is ideal for anyone taking their phone from one site to another and includes all the deluxe features. ideal for oil, gas and fire rescue.

    Iridium 9555 Box Dock offers hands-free voice and data communication with added portability. This heavy-duty closely sealed carrying case includes storage capacity to fit most accessories.


    • Hands-free voice and data communication in a sturdy watertight case
    • Resistant to harsh conditions
    • Two mode operation: loudspeaker or private talk (via privacy Handset)
    • Hands-free operation is muted (when handset is activated)
    • Mutes car stereo when calling
    • Echo cancellation and background noise filtering
    • Enhanced voice reproduction
    • Loud external speaker
    • Charges phone battery when satellite phone is installed
    • Microphone, external for extreme noisy conditions, mounted with sun visor clip
    • Data transfer via cradle base mounted RS232/DB9 Serial Data port
    • Power 11 VDC to 32 VDC
    • Optional-Built in Battery Back-up available for up to 10 hours of use

  • ASE-MC05 ComCenterII Outdoor

    ASE-MC05 ComCenterII Outdoor $3,349.00

    The ASE-MC05 ComCenterII Outdoor provides a data and voice unit for the Iridium network that saves time and money in materials and installation. No need to run multiple cables for voice or data. This all-in-one all weather unit only requires one cable, so you are up and running in no time.

    Features and Equipment

    • Voice & Data - The ComCenter Outdoor is a feature rich voice and data unit for accessing the Iridium network indoors. From pole-to-pole, stay connected via satellite by phone, e-mail, or Internet. Scalable data transfer speeds available. Users can also send SMS text messages.
    • Simple Installation - No need to run multiple cables for voice or data. Only one is needed with the ComCenter Outdoor. Massive savings up to 400 feet of one power and communications cord without amplifiers, active antennas or repeaters.
    • Custom Connection - With a 1 foot adapter cable, the ComCenter Outdoor will convert a custom connection to any RJ11 phone or RJ45 Ethernet interface that can be used with a standard junction box. Extender cables will be available in 10, 20, 50, and 100 foot lengths. IP based CAT5 interface.
    • User Interface - Throughout the GUI interface you can assign and manage users to make calls and connect to the internet and e-mail. Access to usage reports and configuration, view Iridium signal strength, and connection status. Simplified operation, trouble shoot setup.
    • Gaskets & Connectors - The gaskets make the ComCenter Outdoor a true all weather unit. Water tight and weather resistant, the unit will withstand the sun and rain elements.
    • Internals & Power - The ComCenter Outdoor is an all-in-one unit. Internal components are housed in the white antenna case, so no extra box or case is needed below. 10-32 VDC Input range supports power systems on most vehicles and vessels.
    • World-Wide Coverage - The Iridium Satellite System is the only provider of truly global, truly mobile satellite voice and data solutions with complete coverage of the Earth. Through a constellation of 66 low-earth orbiting (LEO) satellites, Iridium delivers essential communications services to and from remote areas where terrestrial communications are not available.

    Advanced Features

    • Employee/Crew Calling-Log can be configured for preassigned 7-digit calling ID required to activate call.
    • With 'Smart Dialling', the ComCenter Outdoor knows the correct country code format and places the call once the number is entered.

    What is in the Box

    • ComCenter II / Outdoor Unit
    • Communications Cable
    • Universal Wallplate
    • AC/DC Power Transformer (Country Specific)
    • Pole Mount Adapter & Hardware
    • Installation CD
    • Quick Start Guide
    * 20 Foot Interface Cable with cable to connector breakout (RJ-11, RJ-45, Power) * Optional - 50 to 100 foot extensions allow up to 400 foot lengths

  • ASE-DK050-H Fixed Station Terminal with Handset for Iridium 9555 Satellite Phone

    ASE-DK050-H Fixed Station Terminal with Handset for Iridium 9555 Satellite Phone $1,299.00

    ASE Docking Station w/USB and Handset for Iridium 9555 Satellite Phones (ASE-DK050-H)

    The Iridium ASE-DK050-H from Applied Satellite Engineering provides office, vehicle and vessel customers with a dependable and critical lifeline via Iridium Satellite Network. The mobile Iridium satellite service enables the ASE-DK050-H to provide satellite communication anywhere on Earth.

    The docking station's advanced ergonomic design, small footprint, and array of attractive and up-to-the minute safety features place the Iridium ASE-DK050-H into a league of its own.

    Features and Equipment

    • Included Handset with Ram Swivel Mount
    • HandSet Connect - Corded Intelligent HandSet (optional - DK050-H) offers a convenient wall-mount privacy Handset with with audio enhancement circuitry to provide excellent voice quality.
    • USBConnect - USB port for data connections including Internet connection with Direct Internet 2.0.
    • Built-In Charger - Keeps handset fully charged for immediate use when un-docked.
    • RealTime System Status Indicators - Large Icons allow status viewing from 25'.
    • Ergonomic 'Body-Lock' Handset Containment - Provides secure handset restraint in any environment.

    Advanced Features

    • Included Handset with Ram Swivel Mount
    • Smart Dialing - The Docking Station knows the correct format for the country that is being dialed and places the call once the number is entered. Smart Dialing eliminates the superfluous "00" IDD code (no more international dialing sequence).
    • Simple Operation - The Docking Station combines clear LED status lights with the Iridium handset's graphical display for setup, troubleshooting, programming, and operation.
    • Base Station Ringer - Audible ringing to alert of incoming calls.
    • Versatile Power Input - 9-36 VDC input range supports power systems on most vehicles and vessels. An included universal power adapter allows 100 - 240VAC, 47 - 63 Hz operation. A DC Vehicle adapter is also included.
    • Antenna Options - Can be used with many antennas, including fixed-mast, mobile fixed-mount, and mobile magnetic-mount models.

  • ASE-DK075-H Docking Station w/ POTS, USB & Handset for Iridium 9555 Satellite Phones

    ASE-DK075-H Docking Station w/ POTS, USB & Handset for Iridium 9555 Satellite Phones $1,899.00

    Fixed Station Terminal for Iridium 9555 Handset (ASE-DK075-H)

    9555 Docking Station (POTS & USB) features Smart Dialing, Privacy Handset Option, RJ11 and PBX Integration. Includes Universal RAM Mounting Kit, Corded Intelligent Handset, AC/DC Power Adapter, Vehicle DC Power Adapter, and CD with user manual

    Applied Satellite Engineering, a leader in satellite communications, provides a unique solution for using your 9555 Iridium satellite phone indoors and outdoors. Just dock your Iridium phone in our docking station and you can access satellite communications with standard analog phone sets or your company's PBX system.

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