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Iridium Edge™

Iridium Edge™
Price: $410.00





  • Message Size: 240 bytes (Receive), 370 bytes (Transmit)
  • Frequency: 1616 – 1626.5 MHz


  • Dimensions: 130 mm (L) x 80 mm (W) x 30 mm (H)
  • Ingress Protection: IP 67
  • Side and bottom cable exits 


  • Operating temperature range: -40C to 85C
  • Storage temperature range: -40C to 85C


  • RS232 AT command interface
  • On/Off control lines


  • Power Supply ( 9-32V), SAE J1455 Load dump protected  
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Maximum Power: 1.6W  (peak for short transmit burst)
  • Low Power Modes: < 100uA 


  • Iridium® satellite network certification
  • FCC, IC, CE, Australia approvals
  • RoHS compliant

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    SatStation Hands Free Dock for Iridium 9555 Phone $760.00

    SatStation Hands Free Dock for Iridium 9555 Phone

    Privacy Handset and Hands Free Version. Enhanced and improved model with background noise reduction and echo cancellation. Ideal for vehicles; equipped with stereo mute and car ignition connection. Includes external speaker/ringer, microphone and privacy handset.


    • Crew Calling
      • Far away, close to home Easy to use and manage, Iridium’s crew calling services allow your teams to stay in touch with family and friends—from shore to shore and pole to pole. Each crew member has their own account, accessible at their own discretion and fully independent from shipboard communications.
    • Email
      • Stay connected — no matter where you go Iridium's global data network and partner solutions give you access to email wherever you are. Stay in touch, manage work tasks, receive important updates including weather and news. With Iridium, offsite never means offline.
      • ASE-MC03 Iridium 9505A Docking Station

        ASE-MC03 Iridium 9505A Docking Station $1,799.00

        ASE Docking Station w/ POTS and RS232 for Iridium 9505A Satellite Phones (ASE-MC03)

        A solution for using your 9505A Iridium satellite phone indoors and outdoors. Just dock your Iridium phone in this docking station unit and you can use satellite communications with standard analog phone sets or your company's PBX system. When you need to leave the office, just undock your handset and take it with you. Never be out of touch again!

          Features and Equipment

          • RJ11 Connect. Connects to an analog phone (single or PBX) including multi-handset wireless phones. Use of a cordless phone with expandable handsets can provide up to eight units within a two-mile range (unobstructed) from the base station.
          • Hands-Free Connect. Headset/microphone jack offers audio enhancement circuitry to provide excellent quality.
          • Data Port Connect. RS232 port for data connections including Internet connection with the Apollo Emulator.
          • Web Connect.* Remote configuration and management using Ontec Web Services provides unparalleled enterprise-wide communication and data management services.

          Advanced Features

          • "Smart Dialing." The Docking Station knows the correct format for the country that is being dialed and places the call once the number is entered. Smart Dialing eliminates the superfluous "00" IDD code (no more international dialing sequence).
          • Simple Operation. The Docking Station combines clear LED status lights with the Iridium handset's graphical display for setup, troubleshooting, programming, and operation.
          • Base Station Ringer. Audible ringing to alert of incoming calls.
          • Versatile Power Input. 10–32VDC input range supports power systems on most vehicles and vessels. An optional power adapter (ISU-VADAC) allows 100–240VAC, 47–63 Hz operation.
          • Antenna Options. Can be used with many antennas, including fixed-mast, mobile fixed-mount, and mobile magnetic-mount models.
          * Support for Ontec Web Services must be factory-configured at time of purchase. Additional data service fees will be incurred and billed by your service provider

        • Iridium Pilot Land Station

          Iridium Pilot $4,399.00

          Iridium Pilot Land Station

          Dependable communications — anywhere sky meets earth

          Iridium Pilot Land Station simplifies the world of terrestrial satellite communications, ensuring reliable data speeds and voice quality no matter where need or circumstance takes you.

          Simple, flexible terrestrial voice and data solutions

          Iridium Pilot Land Station is engineered for durability in harsh environments and delivers reliable communications performance and value in a variety of fixed and mobile applications — everywhere on the planet. The flexible, low cost platform:

          • Supports data applications such as email, web browsing or social media
          • Powers up to three simultaneous voice calls, even during data transmission
          • Simply mounts on buildings for quick deployment in remote locations

          Powered by Iridium OpenPort broadband service

          The high-speed, high-value Iridium OpenPort broadband service delivers flexible, affordable and reliable data services. Leveraging Iridium’s unique global constellation of 66 cross-linked Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites, the packet switched service:

          • Substantially reduces your communications costs
          • Offers a range of configurable voice and data plans to meet your specific needs
          • Ensures high reliability and availability — hardened against extreme weather

        • SatStation AdvanceTouch All-In-One Satellite Terminal

          SatStation AdvanceTouch All-In-One Satellite Terminal $2,195.00

          SatStation AdvanceTouch - Iridium All-In-One Satellite Terminal

          The flexibility and convenience of touch screen technology has arrived to the mobile satellite phone marketplace. The SatStation AdvanceTouch - Iridium is an easy-to-use, compact desktop satellite phone. Its sleek, smart design and vivid color display allow it to be placed in any environment, and it is packed with features making it a useful tool for the most demanding users. The AdvanceTouch offers both privacy and conference call modes, and is powered by AdvanceTec, the leader in echo-cancellation and noise-filtering technology.

          The AdvanceTouch is the first touch screen phone to work on the Iridium Satellite Network. It’s sleek design is ideal for any command center, yacht or remote cabin. It boasts several unique features, including hot keys for quick dialing, the ability to store over 1,000 contacts and a full keyboard for easy text messaging. Similar to the SatStation Desktop Docking Stations, the AdvanceTouch has the ability to toggle from handsfree conference call mode to privacy mode and the option to record conversations via audio out. It is compatible with hundreds of Iridium antennas already on the market.

        • RAM Mount 120 for Motorola or Iridium Satellite Phone

          RAM Mount 120 for Motorola or Iridium Satellite Phone $120.00

          GIT Satellite offers the RAM Mount 120 quick release hand-held mount for Motorola 9500, Motorola 9505 or Iridium 9505A Satellite Phone.

          The RAM-120 Quick Release mount will hold most any brand of hand-held electronics. All RAM components are compatible with each other and are backed with a Lifetime Warranty.

        • SATTRANS 9555 VDU Vehicle and Marine Docking Station

          SATTRANS 9555 VDU Vehicle and Marine Docking Station $595.00

          Iridium 9555 Docking Station from Sattrans enables the use of Iridium satellite phones in all types of vehicles: cars, trucks, boats, yachts and ships. This Iridium docking station improves availability of the Iridium satellite service on the go.


          • Full duplex hands-free operation of Iridium phones
          • Perfect voice reproduction and echo cancellation
          • Automatic adjustment to noise conditions
          • Mutes car stereo during calls
          • Microphone mute feature
          • Two-mode operation: hands-free or private mode (via optional handset)
          • Data transfer via data port (mini-USB)
          • 2.5 mm (3/32") audio jack for handset or earpiece
          • Charges phone battery
          • Two-year worldwide warranty
          • CE-certified manufacturing

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