Iridium Direct Internet Data Service

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Iridium DIRECT INTERNET 3 Software

Direct Internet 3 makes it easier and faster to connect to the Internet using the Iridium 9555 and Iridium 9505A satellite phones, along with the Iridium 9522B L-Band Transceiver (LBT). Direct Internet 3 takes advantage of new data compression, caching and network optimization techniques to enhance Internet connectivity through the Iridium satellite network. Powered by SlipStream(R) SP6.0 with Now!Imaging(TM) compression technology, Direct Internet 3 uses concurrent object delivery functionality to accelerate page download speeds for image-rich websites.

Direct Internet is a service that increases the throughput of email, web and FTP applications over the Iridium network.

Iridium Direct Internet Data Service provides connectivity from a PC, through your Iridium phone, directly to the Internet through dedicated servers at the Iridium gateway. This service utilizes transparent compression, resulting in effective throughput data rates higher than the 2.4 Kbps service that Iridium's data service operates at. The actual throughput will depend on the content being transferred and the protocol used. (Graphics and images will result in lower overall throughput, text will result in higher overall throughput.)

To use Iridium Direct Internet Data Service, you need a compatible PC or laptop, a data cable, an Iridium phone and an Iridium SIM card. You must also install the Direct Internet 3 software on your computer.

Direct Internet 3 supports the Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and any 64-bit version of the Windows operating system, as well as Mac OS.


How it Works

The Iridium phone appears as an external modem to your PC. By initiating a connection through the Direct Internet software, the phone will dial and initiate a connection with the Iridium gateway through the Iridium satellite constellation.

This connection setup is similar to how a voice call is established, except a data connection is requested and the switch will route the call to the Direct Internet server. Once connected to the Direct Internet server and a session has been established, you are connected to the Internet.

As you are connected to the Internet, Iridium recommends the use of anti-virus, anti-spyware and other Internet security tools.