*Iridium Certified* GIT SatTrack

*Iridium Certified* GIT SatTrack

Manufacturer: GIT
Product ID: ir-GIT-SatTrack

GIT SatTrackTM is a web based integrated satellite tracking solution for Iridium-based GPS tracking devices (Iridium Extreme 9575, NAL Research's Shout personal communicators, MetOcean buoys, to name a few) as well as Globalstar SmartOne and various Inmarsat devices. Compatible with modern web browsers, GIT SatTrackTM works on a platform that brings together all positions of every product under one location and displays and manages them in a single unified interface. 

Location information sent from any supported device is stored and displayed on-demand on any web-enabled computer or mobile device.  GIT SatTrackTM recognizes alert conditions sent from devices, highlighting devices in alert status.  Incoming alerts are displayed on every GIT SatTrackTM screen, and can be directed to other devices via an email notification. With GIT SatTrackTM, asset locations and movements - including position, speed, and altitude are tracked realtime 
globally via GPS updates.

GIT SatTrackTM allows several channels of communications options to be integrated into its system. From Iridium to Inmarsat, to iPhone, GIT SatTrack can monitor anything, anywhere in the world.


  • No software required; Web‐based (Cloud) application works through the web browser on any computer or smartphone
  • Easy to use interface – minimal training required
  • Easy to configure – assign handsets to people and change configuration with menu‐driven interface
Location Based Services
  • Fully supports Iridium Extreme 9575 features
  • Display locations of individual users or groups of users on maps
  • Configure automatic location report interval for each handset
  • Request current location of a handset
Emergency Service Support
  • Email notification when user presses SOS button on 9575 handset
  • Map notification via enhanced marker on maps
  • Send free text or canned email messages to any email user from handset and receive replies
  • Canned messages defined on the portal can be pushed to handsets
  • Comprehensive history of messages to/from handsets visible on the portal
*Messaging is only supported on devices that have messaging capabilities
*Computer Not Included

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