Iridium Active Antenna AD-511

Price: $1,500.00



The New AD-511 Iridium Active Antenna
Engineered to allow Iridium installations with up to 160 meters of coaxial RF cable, without any degradation of performance, compared to only 30 meters maximum for a standard passive antenna device.

These extended cable lengths offer the ability to provide Iridium installations on ships and land where previously an Iridium solution could not operate. 

the AD-511 antena is supplied without coaxial cable as standard, but allows pre-set lengths between 27 and 160 meters subject to use of the correct, identified coaxial cable.

Kit Includes:

  • Active Antenna head
  • Heavy Duty Alloy Mounting Bracket
  • Power Break-out Box. This is designed to sit close to the Iridium phone device and requires a AC or DC power input between 18 and 36vdc. 
  • DC connector leads 
  • 1meter coaxial lead is also supplied to connect the Iridium phone device to the Power Break-out Box

*The new AD-511 Antenna kit does not come with power supply. Click here to see the Iridum AD-511 Active Antenna Power Supply



  • Dimensions (excl mounting bracket): 240x85x70mm
  • Weight(excl mounting bracket): 0.8kg
  • Operating Temperature: -40 to +85 degrees C
  • Antenna Head Connection: N Type
  • Frequency: 1610 – 1630MHz
  • Polarization: Right Hand Circular
  • Antenna Type: RHCP Dipole
  • Ceramic Filter Bandwidth: 25MHz (Rx)
  • Operating Voltage: +18 to 36Vdc nominal 24Vdc)
  • Current (max): 500mA