Iridium 9602N SBD Modem

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  • Iridium 9602N SBD Modem
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Price: $160.00



The 9602N is a drop in replacement for the 9602.The 9602 and 9602N are both forward and backwards compatible.They are identical in form, fit, function and electrically equivalent (with the 9602N has a lower power consumption rating than its predecessor).  The SBD Transceiver combines the global coverage of the Iridium satellite constellation with the low latency of the Iridium Short Burst Data Service (SBD) in a small, low-cost transceiver design. It is designed as an OEM module for integration into applications that only use the Iridium SBD Service. SBD applications are supported through an RS232 interface.

The Iridium 9602N is designed for embedded applications and is ideal for machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions. The Iridium 9602N sends and receives packets of data over signaling channels making it suitable for integration into a variety of partner M2M solutions. 

The Iridium 9602N is designed to be integrated into a wireless data application with other host system hardware and software to produce a full solution designed for a specific application or vertical market and includes a GPS pass through port for connection to a GPS antenna or receiver.

It is ideal for integration into machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions such as automatic vehicle location, asset monitoring, marine and personal tracking applications - everywhere.

How It Works

The Iridium 9602N is a single board unit designed as a 'black box' transceiver module with all device interfaces controlled by a single multi-pin interface connector in addition to the antenna connector.

As the product only provides the core transceiver, all other end-user Field Application functions such as GPS, microprocessor based logic control, digital and analog inputs, digital and analog outputs power supply and antenna must be provided by the solution developer.

The device interface across the user connector consists of a serial-data interface, DC power input, network available output and a power on/off control line. The Iridium 9602N does not incorporate nor require a Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card to be inserted into the transceiver. The Iridium 9602N is intended to be used as a transceiver module ftted within another host system.


  • Single board transceiver
  • Small form factor
  • No SIM card
  • Designed to be incorporated into an OEM solution
  • RoHS compliant


  • Global operating capability
  • Maximum mobile originated message size 340 bytes
  • Maximum mobile terminated message size 270 bytes

Iridium Short Burst Data (SBD) Service


Mechanical Dimensions

  • Length 41.0 mm
  • Width 45.0 mm
  • Depth 13.0 mm
  • Weight 3.0g

Environmental Specifications

  • Operating Temperature Range - (-40°C to + 85°C)
  • Operating Humidity Range - (less than or equal to 75% RH)
  • Storage Temperature Range - (-40°C to + 85°C)
  • Storage Humidity Range - (less than or equal to 93% RH)

RF Parameters

  • Frequency Range - 1616 MHz to 1626.5 MHz
  • Duplexing Method TDD - (Time Domain Duplex)
  • Input/Output Impedance - 50 Ω
  • Multiplexing Method - TDMA/FDMA

DC Power Input

  • Idle Current (average) - 45mA
  • Idle current (peak) - 195mA
  • Transmit Current (peak) - 1.5A
  • Transmit Current (average) - 190mA
  • Receive Current (peak) - 195mA
  • Receive Current (average) - 45mA
  • SBD message transfer (average current) - 190mA
  • SBD message transfer (average power) - less than or equal to 1.0W