Iridium 9505 Satellite Phone Rental

Price: $89.00


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Iridium 9505 Satellite Phone Rental

GIT Satellite's satellite phone rentals include the Motorola 9505 Satellite Phone with Iridium service. The Motorola 9505 is smaller, lighter and more resistant to water, dust and shock than the original Motorola 9500. This satellite phone rental is ideal for industrial or rugged conditions, yet appealing to the traveling professional.

Iridium Rental Service – Be Ready!

• All GIT Satellite phone rentals include prepaid or postpaid SIM cards for a faster, more emergency-ready, and more user-oriented experience.

• Prepaid and postpaid plan options include but are not limited to:

Iridium Global Prepaid Plans:

No Commitment. No Activation Fees. Add minutes when needed.   

Iridium Prepaid Voice:

Part #



Global Postpaid 0-Minute plan


1 week – 1 month               


Global Prepaid 75-Minute Plan


1 week – 1 month


*Plans may be combined for ideal number of minutes.


Service charges apply for making calls or receiving calls through 2-stage dialing. All Service charges are billed to credit card number on fil. All voicemail has a standard greeting and a default voicemail password assigned to the phone. Please do not change voicemail message or password. There will be a $25.00 charged to the credit card on file to reset the voicemail message or voicemail password on the account.

Satellite Service is based on "line of sight" technology and works best when used in areas with little or no physical

obstructions to the satellite signal. Satellite communication mode is not suitable for indoor use unless an external

antenna option is utilized. A quick user’s guide will be provided with every rental.

Unused minutes to not carry over past the expiration date, but do rollover when minutes are renewed prior to expiration date (90-day grace period).


• Outgoing calls (PSTN, ISU):

$1.75/ minute

• Outgoing to Inmarsat phones:

$12.99/ minute

• Incoming calls direct:


• Incoming 2-stage calls:

$1.75/ minute

• Iridium voicemail retrieval:

$1.75/ minute

• SMS-MO (short message service)

$.45/ message for 9505 and 9505A ONLY (9500 is not SMS-MO capable)


LOSS PROTECTION: Loss protection is optional, and protects the renter from full replacement value charges in the event of lost, stolen or damaged equipment. If the equipment is lost, stolen, or damaged, an amount equal to the deductible will be charged to the credit card on file unless other arrangements are made. If the renter declines the loss protection, the renter agrees to pay the full replacement value of all equipment lost, stolen, or damaged at current market value. The renter remains liable for all airtime charges until the equipment is reported to a GIT Satellite representative as lost or stolen.

RETURN OF EQUIPMENT: GIT Satellite will provide, as part of shipping costs, a second day return label. Renter agrees to ship equipment no later than 2 business days after contracted rental period. Renter understands that failure to do so will result in an additional week’s rental being billed to the credit card number on file until the rental equipment is returned.



  • Smaller and lighter
  • Packed with Features, yet Simple to Use
  • Quick Access Interface
  • Water, shock & dust resistant for rugged environments
  • Data Capable - transmit data with the optional data kit.
  • Vibracall Alert
  • Illuminated holographic display
  • Color - Silver


  • Dimensions: 158L x 62W x 59D mm (6.22”L x 2.44”W x 2.32”D)
  • Volume: Under 375cc (22.9 ci)
  • Weight: Under 375g (13.2 ounces)
  • Operating Frequency: 1616-1626.5 MHz, L-band
  • Link Margin: 15.5 dB
  • Operating Temperature:
    Using external power source: -30°/+60°C (-22°/140°F)
    Using Lithium Ion battery: 20°/+60°C (-4°/140°F)
  • Multiplexing Method: TDMA/FDMA
  • Power: 0.57 watts average


  • Continuous Talk Time:
    Standard Capacity: Up to 2.4 hrs
    High Capacity: 3.6 hrs
  • Standby Time:
    Standard Capacity: Up to 24 hrs
    High Capacity: 38 hrs
  • Fast Charging Time: Up to 2.5 hrs (Standard)