Inmarsat BGAN Explorer 700 Rental

Price: $200.00



GIT Satellite's satellite phone rentals include the Thrane Explorer 700 terminal with Inmarsat BGAN voice and high speed data. Broadband is an integral and pivotal part of professional business communication today – across borders, regardless of time, place or job. When working in the field, possibly in far-away corners of the world, being able to communicate with your boss, co-workers, and customers on the phone or via the www, e-mail or video transmission is all-important. With the EXPLORER 700 and Inmarsat BGAN service this is easily and professionally realized through either the ISDN or IP interfaces.

Rental orders may be placed online or by faxing a completed rental agreement to GIT Satellite at (512) 501-6339.

Inmarsat Rentals

  • All rentals include voicemail.
  • Rental includes: satellite unit, one battery, AC wall charger, ethernet cable, carry bag, quick use manual
  • Satellite Service is based on "line of sight" technology and works best when used in areas with little or no physical obstructions to the satellite signal. Satellite communication mode is not suitable for indoor use unless an external antenna option is utilized.

AIRTIME: Customer must pay for all data and calls sent or received through the BGAN terminal. Background IP access sessions are billed a 50 KB minimum per “session”; a session is generated for every 2 MB of usage or every 12 hours of connection time, whichever comes first. Voice, ISDN & Streaming IP services are billed in 1 minute increments. PLEASE NOTE: Inmarsat terminals are capable of making high speed Internet connections that can result in significant airtime fees if usage is not monitored and controlled. There are significant differences between ISDN, streaming, and background IP connections.

All airtime charges are billed to credit card number on file after equipment is returned and airtime can be verified when bill becomes available. Airtime billing may be processed as late as 1 billing cycle later. FCC taxes will be applied to airtime.

BACKGROUND IP: (also called Standard IP): Is the primary high speed internet service needed by most users. It is a shared bandwidth data transfer service without a minimum data rate guarantee. It is used in applications such as email or web browsing where low cost is more important that guaranteed data rate. The maximum data rates for Background IP are up to 448/kbps up and 464 kbps download.

PREMIUM DATA SERVICES: Premium Data Services include Streaming IP and ISDN services which are expensive and billed on a per minute of connection time basis and have limited application for most users. For this reason, they are disabled by default on most plans. ISDN includes 56 or 64 kbps circuit-switched data or 3.1 Khz audio calls. Streaming IP service has a guaranteed minimum data rate and is used for applications such as video conferencing where guaranteed data rate is critical. The maximum streaming IP rate is determined by the class of the terminal, ie. Thrane Explorer 500 terminals do not support 256 kbps. The Explorer 500 terminals support up to 128 kbps. The Explorer 700 terminals support up to 256 kbps. GIT Satellite ships all rental terminals with Streaming IP disabled. Customer requests for streaming capabilities will require prepaid airtime.

Streaming IP guarantees a data rate from the BGAN terminal to the POP, at which point the data stream is carried to the final destination IP address via the internet (default choice), or a dedicated line, or TAN (Terrestrial Access Network which uses on-demand ISDN). No data rate can be guaranteed over the internet. Dedicated lines or TAN guarantee a data rate from the POP to destination IP address, but are optional services with additional cost.

BASIC RATE VOICE SERVICE: Include calls to PSTN numbers, calls to GSM/cellular numbers, calls to other BGAN terminals or to personal BGAN voicemail. Other types of voice calls such as calls to other satellite networks are not basic rate voice services and are billed at higher rates.

LOSS PROTECTION: Loss protection is optional, and protects the renter from full replacement value charges in the event of lost, stolen or damaged equipment. If the equipment is lost, stolen, or damaged, an amount equal to the deposit will be charged to the credit card on file unless other arrangements are made. If the Customer declines the loss protection, Customer agrees to pay the full replacement value of all equipment lost, stolen, or damaged at current market value. The Customer remains liable for all airtime charges until the equipment is reported to a GIT Satellite, LLC representative as lost or stolen.

RETURN OF EQUIPMENT: GIT Satellite, LLC will provide, as part of shipping charges, a second day return label. Customer agrees to ship equipment no later than 2 business days after contracted rental period. Customer understands that failure to do so will result in an additional week’s rental being billed to the credit card number on file until the rental equipment is returned.

TECHNICAL SERVICE & SUPPORT: All communications using the BGAN service is based off a geostationary constellation system, meaning all units must face towards the earth’s equator to effectively lock onto the satellite signal. This technology works best with little or no physical obstructions to the satellite’s signal. GIT Satellite, LLC offers 24/7 technical support for all rental equipment.

DATA TRANSMISSION & DROPPED CALLS: Due to the technical nature of data setups and the inherent sophistication of data transmission through a variety of operating systems, GIT Satellite, LLC makes no guarantee to the success of data calls. Customer agrees that all data call attempts, regardless of ultimate successful transmission and termination, will be paid for and no credits will be given in the event of dispute of this nature. Along with potential incorrect use (i.e. next to a building/obstruction), the Inmarsat system has inherent anomalies that can create dropped voice or data calls. Dropped calls will not be credited. For details on data connections and transmissions please contact GIT customer support.

EQUIPMENT USE: The customer must exercise due care and permit only qualified personnel to use and operate equipment according to written instructions provided by GIT Satellite. At no time shall the customer open the equipment enclosure housing, alter or repair or permit the alteration or repair of the equipment, or make any attachments to the equipment.

LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: Because GIT Satellite, LLC has no control over the Service furnished, the liability and obligations of GIT Satellite, LLC to Customer under this Agreement are strictly controlled and limited by the underlying carrier, and the laws, rules, and regulations of the FCC and other governmental authorities, which may from time to time exercise jurisdiction. Accordingly, GIT Satellite, LLC expressly disclaims responsibility and liability for any carrier’s range, coverage, design, grade of service, audio quality, and equipment compatibility or system downtime. Customer’s exclusive remedy and the total liability of GIT Satellite, LLC and/ or any supplier of services to GIT Satellite, LLC arising out of or in any way connected, directly or indirectly, with this agreement, for any cause whatsoever, including but not limited to any failure or disruption of service provided hereunder, shall be limited to a credit allowance from GIT Satellite, LLC in an amount equivalent to a pro rata adjustment of the rental charges for service payable by customer under this agreement for the period during which such damages occur. In no event shall GIT Satellite, LLC and/or any supplier of services to GIT Satellite, LLC be liable for any special, incidental or consequential damages. No credit allowance is given for damages caused by the customer’s negligence or willful acts. GIT Satellite, LLC disclaims all liability under such circumstances. No action or claim regardless of form, arising out of the transactions hereunder may be brought by customer more than (1) year after cause of action has accrued.

INDEMNIFICATION: Unless caused solely by the negligence of GIT Satellite, LLC, Customer shall indemnify and hold GIT Satellite, LLC officers, employees, supplier of Service, and agents harmless against any and all claims, demands, suits, judgments, cause of action, losses, expenses, fees (including attorney fees), liability or damages for libel, slander or infringements of copyrights from the material transmitted via the telephone access number, and against any and all other claims, demands, suits, judgments, cause of action, losses, expenses, fees (including attorney’s fees), liability or damages including without limitation for any personal injury or death arising in any way directly or indirectly in connection with this agreement or the use or inability to use the telephone access number. This indemnity shall survive the termination of this Agreement.



  • E-mail – Often, the crucial part of an e-mail is contained in a large attachment. With EXPLORER 700, reading the e-mail and downloading the attachments is swift and easy.
  • World Wide Web – With EXPLORER 700, you can surf the Internet at broadband speeds.
  • Phone – Connect a standard 2-wire handset via cable to the EXPLORER 700. The Wireless hands free connection offers support for up to 7 devices, including headsets, handsets and earsets.
  • Fax – Easily connect a fax via cable.
  • Corporate LAN – With a Virtual Private Connection you gain access to your corporate network from places you have never even dreamed of.
  • WLAN – The EXPLORER 700 can also function as a WLAN access point which makes it ideal for establishing a multi-user environment.



  • IP data rate, Rx/Tx:* 492kbps/492kbps (simultaneously)
  • Streaming IP: (guaranteed bandwidth) 32, 64, 128, 256kbps
  • Weight:
    Total (incl. battery): 3.2kg/7.0lbs
    Antenna: 1.7kg/3.7lbs
    Transceiver (incl. battery): 1.5kg/3.3lbs
  • Size:
    • H: 29.7cm/W: 39.9cm/D: 5.1cm
    • H: 11.7inches/W: 15.7inches/D: 2.0inches

    • H: 29.7cm/W: 39.9cm/ D: 5.1cm
    • H: 11.7inches/W: 15.7inches/D: 2.0inches

    • H: 28.0cm/W: 22.8cm/D: 4.0cm
    • H: 11.0inches/W: 8.9inches/ D: 1.6inches
    • LCD display:
      Graphical high resolution
      Back lit
      2 x 16 characters in text mode
    • MMI:
      Four navigation keys and power button
      Audio and LCD pointing aids
      LED indicators
      BGAN LaunchPad
      Thrane & Thrane web
    • Battery: Lithium ion, rechargeable
      Stand-by time: 36h, 25°C/77°F
      Tx time, max.: 2h30m @ 144kbps (158MB), 25°C/77°F
      1h30m @ 492kbps (324MB), 25°C/77°F
      Rx time, max.: 3h30m @ 492kbps (756MB), 25°C/77°F
      Min. charge cycles: 300
      Recharge time: 2h30m
      Charge temperature: 0°C to +45°C/32°F to +113°F
    • Frequencies:
      • Rx: 1525.0 – 1559.0MHz
      • Tx: 1626.5 – 1660.5MHz

      GPS: 1575.42MHz
    • EIRP: 20dBW ±1dB

    Environmental Conditions>

    • Operating temperature:
      -25°C to +55°C
      -13°F to +131°F
    • Storage temperature:
      -40°C to +80°C (excl. battery)
      -40°F to +176°F (excl. battery)
    • Battery storage temperature:
      1 month: -20°C to +60°C/-4°F to +140°F
      3 months: -20°C to +45°C/-4°F to +113°F
      1 year: -20°C to +20°C/-4°F to +68°F
    • Relative humidity: 95% non-condensing at +40°C/+104°F
    • Robustness:
      0.5 m/1.64 ft drop on concrete
      (operational, 95% survival)
    • Water & dust:
      Transceiver: IP-52
      Antenna: IP-66


    • DC input range: 10-32VDC
    • Power consumption:*
      Standby mode: 1.2W (typical)
      Transmit mode: 18W (typical)
      During charging: 60W (max.)
    • Connector type: 2.5/5.5mm power jack
    • AC/DC Adapter:
      Input: 100-240VAC, 47-63Hz, 65W
      Output: 19VDC
    • Built-in hands free set charger: 6.2V, 350mA

    Solar Charger

    • Type: 12V unregulated solar panels
      Max. open circuit voltage: 32V
      Max. PP: 28V

    Transceiver/ Antenna Interface

    • Max. cable loss: 1.4Ω/20dB @ 1.5GHz
    • Connector type: TNC-QN
    • Max. cable length: 100m/328ft, single coax cable

    WLAN Access Point

    • Standard: IEEE 802.11 a/b/g
    • Antenna: Dual space diversity antennas integrated in transceiver unit
    • Max. coverage outdoor:* 100m/328ft
    • Max. datarate:* 54Mbps
    • Frequencies: 2400.0-2485.0MHz and 5150.0-5850.0MHz

    LAN Interface, 2-port

    • Connector type: RJ-45, auto cross over MDI/MDI-X
    • Standard:
      ISO/IEC 8877:1992.
      IEEE 802.3 1998 edition
    • Max. cable length: 100m/328ft (Cat5 UTP)
    • Data rate: 10/100Mbps

    Hands free Interface

    • Version: 1.2
    • Standard: Power Class 1
    • Antenna: Integrated in transceiver unit
    • Max. coverage, outdoor:* 100m/328ft
    • Max. devices connected: 7 handsets, 1 PC, etc.
    • Profiles supported: Cordless handset, serial port, dial-up networking
    • Frequencies: 2400.0 – 2483.5MHz

    ISDN Interface, 2-port

    • Connector type: RJ-45
    • Max. units per port: 8, max. total power supplied 1W
    • Datarate:
      Voice: 4kbps
      Data: 64kbps
      Audio: 3.1kHz

    Analogue Phone/Fax Interface, 2-port

    • Connector type: RJ-11
    • Impedance: 600Ω

    USB Interface

    • Version: 1.1, slave
    • Connector type: B plug
    • Max. data rate: 12Mbps
    • Max. cable length: 5m/16.4ft

    I/O Interface

    • Connector type: Socket block B2L 6,5/6
    • Function: 2 input/output
      Input: TTL-level, voltage 0-32V
      Output: Sinking current max. 50mA, VL (max.)<4.5v li="">


    • CE
    • FCC
    • GMPCS


    • EXPLORER™ 700 transceiver unit incl. lithium ion battery
    • EXPLORER™ 700 antenna
    • Antenna cable, 0.4m
    • Antenna extension cable, 10m
    • ISDN/LAN cable, 2m
    • USB cable, 1.8m
    • 115/230VAC power adapter
    • Getting started kit


    • Hands free set and charger
    • Antenna mounting kit
    • Antenna cables:
      <10m, 3mm coax cable
      <30m, 5mm coax cable
      <60m, 10mm coax cable
      <100m, 10mm coax cable, hard
    • Car charger cable
    • Softbag
    • Spare lithium ion battery