Globalstar GIK-1700 Installation Kit with Helix Antenna

Price: $599.00



MPN: GIK-1700-HX

The Globalstar GIK-1700 with the helix antenna is a docking station kit for cars, recreational or other vehicles, and boats or other marine vessels. Designed for use with the Globalstar GSP-1700 satellite phone, the GIK-1700 installation kit provides flexible use and hands-free operability. The GSP-1700, sold separately, plugs into the docking station for hands-free use.


  • Globalstar Installation Kit (CV90-C6029-1)
  • Speaker Installation Kit (CV90-C6030-1)
  • Hands-Free Microphone(80-C6061-1)
  • Power-Interface Cable (45-C6184-1)
  • Hardware Kit (65-C6185-1)
  • Speaker Extension Cable (45-H3210-6)
  • Speaker Mounting Bracket (50-C6045-1)
  • Car Power Adapter (CV90-C6032-1)
  • Antenna Cable (45-C6162-1)
  • Literature Kit (65-C6056-1)
  • Quadri-filar Helix Antenna (GIK-1770)



  • A convenient and safe way to make calls from your vehicle or vessel
  • GIK-1700 charges the GSP-1700's battery when the handset is connected to the GIK-1700
  • Utilize data functionality with the GSP-1700 connected to the GIK-1700 while recharging the handset battery
  • Easily access the audio output jack to use with your favorite headset or add a hands free adaptor for wireless freedom

Use only Globalstar-approved accessories with Globalstar phones. Use of any other accessories will void the phone warranty, and may be dangerous. All specifications subject to change without notice.


  • Electrical Requirement: 12 VDC nominal input voltage
  • RF Power Output: 0.794 watts maximum (+29.0 dBm)
  • Dimensions (Cradle): 16.92 cm H x 7.33 cm W x 5.79 cm D
  • Technology: Globalstar Satellite Mode (CDMA)