Cobham BGAN pole mount kit for explorer 700/710

Price: $362.27



Also known as Thrane & Thrane BGAN Pole Mount Kit for Explorer 700 & 710 External Antenna

Prior Manufacturer Part Number (SKU) 403650A-920

This kit allows you to mount the Cobham Explorer 700 or 710 terminal on a pole for better reception. If needed, you can have the antenna outside and your interface unit inside, enabling you to set up communications in any weather condition.


This bracket braces the antenna section of the Cobham Explorer 700 or 710 to a 1" or 1.5" pipe with existing hardware, or any size pole using a hose clamp purchased from any hardware store. It also may be affixed to a wall. The Explorer BGAN transceiver is located indoors with a 20 meter "split cable" which is included with the terminal.

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