CPN EVERY MissionLINK 700 Dual Mode Peli Case Solution

Product ID: cpn_every_missionlink_700_dual_mode_peli_case_solution

The CPN EVERY MissionLINK 700 Dual Mode Peli Case Solution using the new Iridium Certus® 700 service and CPN Smart SIM ́s gives your critical operation global communications coverage regardless of the landscape, the weather conditions and the availability of power. The CPN EVERY MissionLINK 700, is a Dual Mode (LTE and Satellite) Peli Case Solution, fully operating and IP-54 protected when the lid is closed, which offers wireless LTE Connectivity and has an automatic failover to the Iridium Certus® Service, when the LTE connection is lost or not available. It is always looking for the best wireless connection available (LTE and Satellite) for essential communications; EVERY-where on this planet.

Primary LTE Connection

When in cell network range, primary LTE will be used until failover occurs in remote locations, where it will automatically switch to satellite network.

Three(3) High Quality Voice Lines

Via Iridium Certus 700 Service, utilize multiple high quality voice lines for clear conversating in remote locations

Electronically Steered Antenna

No need to manually point antenna for strong and reliable signal, as it can be done electronically

Location Tracking

Track and manage assets or personnel wihtout any blackout coverage.

Airline Checkable

TSA compliant for when travelling on commercial airlines except for batteries, which must be carried in hand luggage

Available Colors

Black, yellow, silver, orange, OD green, and desert tan

Package Content

 - CPN EVERY 323 Peli Case
 - Thales MissionLINK (Terminal & Antenna)
 - External Power Supply (incl. Travel Case)
 - 3m Vehicle Cable
 - 3m Ethernet Cable
 - 2 x 98 Wh Batteries (incl. Travel Case)
 - Quick Start Guide

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