Bivy Stick

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Turn your cell phone into a satellite communication device. Anywhere you have a view of the sky, you can communicate with the Bivy Stick.

Two-way text messaging, SOS, location sharing, detailed weather reports are sent straight to your cell phone from space via the Iridium satellite network.

As a key feature of Bivy Stick and the Bivy App, 2-way text messaging remains as solid as ever. Using your existing smartphone and converting it into a mobile satellite communication device. With the creation of a free Bivy account, your activation creates a dedicated phone number and email.

Expanding Bivy to not only SMS text messages but also emails.

Keeping your adventures as much business or pleasure as you like.

With the ability of complete global access of detailed maps, including topographical map data, your next adventure is more accessible than ever.

Additionally, you can share your map routes, and adventures to all your friends with a unique online landing page and via the Bivy App.

Sharing, exploring, and discovering your adventures.

Keeping your loved one’s connected and also following your own adventures is priceless. The freedom of exploration with the security of communication is a key pillar for us and critical in Bivy Stick’s functionality.

With a simple push of a button you can check-in with your family and friends or share your entire journey with a dedicated Bivy adventure page.

Emergencies do happen and are a part of the situation. However, those risks and emergencies do not need to be left in the wild and solutions do not need to be limited to rough terrain ahead. With all Bivy Sticks we incorporate a focused ‘SOS’ button which links users with emergency response services.

Our collaboration with Global Rescue offers a 24-hour safety net which can be accessed either within the Bivy Stick or the Bivy App.

As an added benefit Bivy does not charge for creation and activation of an account, which include a dedicated email and satellite phone number.

Our data plans offer flexible packages that conform to the different lifestyles our customers may have.

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