AssetPack-3™ GPS

Price: $499.00



AssetLink’s AssetPack-3TM (AP3TM)

A solar-powered, low cost, low profile, untethered, rugged two-way global GPS satellite tracker and multi-sensor gateway

The AP3 global satellite tracker is one of the most versatile, two-way asset tracking, GPS and sensor monitoring solutions ever built, especially designed for unpowered assets.

The AP3 is a low profile, battery-powered, solar-recharging, rapidly reporting, fully self-contained, ruggedized, Over-The-Air (OTA) command capable, intrinsically safe, encrypted, geofence-enabled, memory-rich, GPS tracking and (optionally) cabled-sensor interface solution, that enables the reliable tracking and monitoring of any fixed or mobile asset anywhere in the world - ground, sea or air.

The AP3’s solar+battery power configuration lasts the lifetime of most industrial equipment (10+ years), and is designed to survive long low sun conditions. The AP3 leverages the 100% global coverage of the Iridium satellite constellation's reliable duplex connectivity.

The AP3 is controlled OTA to change reporting schedules and behavior, control sensor endpoints, geofences, alarm thresholds, and deliver firmware upgrades. AssetLink offers zero-to-low-cost, rapid HW integration support to partners adding sensors. Data is delivered in many methods, most often directly into partners’ display portals, along with integrated APIs for OTA device configuration. All customers get access to AssetLink's AssetVisionTM web-based asset and device management portal with simple display/ mapping solution. Payload parsing and API documentation is available to integrators.

The AP3 is a ready-to-deploy, global tracking solution that can be active and installed in 30 seconds no wires or cables just an on off magnet the ap3 is available to reseller and integrator partners globally. Contact us to start using the AP3 today.

  • 10 year service life with zero maintenance
  • Solar-rechargeable battery with power save modes
  • Easy installation – installs in minutes
  • IP67 Rugged enclosure
  • Intrinsically Safe for HAZLOC and HAZMAT
  • True two-way, 100% global connectivity
  • On-board geofencing for immediate arrival and departure alerts
  • On-board memory for advanced sensor-based applications
  • Over-the-air and local programming
  • Configurable IOs – interface cable
  • Published API for VAR Integrations – device and data integrations
  • Built-in motion sensor
  • Built-in temperature sensor
  • Optional AES 256 Encryption
GSA pricing available at GSA Advantage



Form Factor
Enclosure 12.4" x 3.2" x 1.15"
(31.50 x 8.1 x 2.9 cm)
Weight 18.9 oz (535 g)
Location Accuracy <5m 50="" cep="" td="">
Acquisition & Tracking Sensitivity -161.5dBM
Cold start (open sky) 33s
Hot start (open sky) <2s typical="" td="">
Harness Connector 8 pin circular
Inputs/Outputs Analog or Digital In/Out (2)
Serial RS485 (1), MODBUS, CANBUS/J1939
On/Off Multi-function switch
Sensor Power Capability 7-8VDC or higher depending on sensor
Satellite Only Iridium Short Burst Data 1616-1626.5 MHz
Time Domain Duplex TDMA/FDA
Cellular Only 4G LTE Cat-4/3G (North America)
3G HPSA/2G (Global baseline)
Hybrid Cellular/ Satellite lowest cost routing
Battery Solar Rechargeable Battery:
5300 mAh, 7.2VDC
Cycles 100% DOD>1000 cycles
Shelf life (Charged) >3 years (inventory mode)
Solar Panel mono-crystalline silicon 6V, 1W
External Power 10-18, up to 500 mA
Temperature (operating) -40° C (-40° F) to +70° C (+158° F)
Humidity 100% at 50° C, salt, fog per MIL STD 810
Shock/Vibration MIL STD 810 and SAE J145
Water/Dust IP67/NEMA6, waterproof, full immersion at 1m depth
Mounting options Magnet Mount
VHB Tape
Flat Plate Mount with Self-tapping Screws
Rugged cage
ATEX protective cage
Accessories Engine run time harness
Tamper alert trigger switch
Temperature sensor
Panic Button
Magnetic door sensor
Container security cable
Multi-functional interface cable
Protective cage
ATEX cage