AnsuR Technologies Live Video over Iridium Certus

AnsuR Technologies Live Video over Iridium Certus

Manufacturer: Iridium®
Product ID: ansur_technologies_live_video_over_iridium_certus
AnsuR Technologies, a Value-Added Developer for Iridium®, has introduced a way to deliver live-action, low bandwith, high precision video with geolocation data over Iridium's Certus® Network. AnsuR's video compression software allows for the transmission of this data using 99% less bandwidth than traditional methods, and can be used to implement a wide variety of solutions.

"Visual information is vital for situational awareness. The demand for high quality, low-bandwidth real-time video transmission, along with cost and bandwidth efficient image transfer, is rising, strengthening our commitment to developing great software products that deliver immediate impact," says Paul Gudonis, CEO, AnsuR.

"Using AnsuR's photo and video compression technology to send high precision and quality media while optimizing bandwidth use and focusing on what is operationally relevant over the Iridium network has already proven to be a gamechanger," says Scott Scheimreif, Executive Vice President of Government Programs, Iridium. "Live video delivered on Iridium's L-band network is creating a new standard for reliability and certainty and should be considered as a new necessity of any communications PACE plan."

AnsuR's video compression software can be used with Iridium Certus Connected® terminals around the globe for a live-action, high quality, low bandwidth video solution.

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