ASE LMR/Iridium PTT Crosslink

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Crosslink any LMR radio to Iridium PTT

For team communication using standard land-mobile radio communication the ASE LMR/IRIDIUM CROSSLINK is unparalled in allowing rapid, intuitive communication services in concert with current equipment already in the field.

With the strength of the Iridium PTT network combined with the ASE LMR/IRIDIUM CROSSLINK your teams will have incredibly comprehensive access to situational awareness across your entire spectrum of ‘in field’ assets as well as headquarters/control stations.


The ASE-LMR/PTT X-Link System Includes:

ASE-9575P-BAGDOCK: Standard/Push to Talk Docking Station                 Includes palm/speaker mic, 3M (10ft) magnetic mount GPS/IRID antenna, travel bag, DC power cord, and user manual - does NOT include 9575 phone.

ICRI-ASE01: LMR/PTT X-LINK Interface Cable Interface cable from ICRI-2P to ASE Dock

C-AT ICRI-2P: ICRI Radio Interoperability Gateway/Bridge ICRI Radio Interoperability Gateway System can be used to interconnect portable or land mobile radios via the Iridium satellite network - anywhere in the world

C-AT ICRI-RA01: ICRI Radio Interoperability Radio Interface Cable ICRI Radio Interface cable to interconnect portable or land mobile radios to the C-AT ICRI System - Call ASE to specify your radio mode

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