ASE Iridium 9575 HQ Docking Station

Price: $1,135.00



Iridium Extreme Office/Headquarters Docking Station

The ASE Headquarters Dock is the perfect solution for base operators. It allows users to keep in contact with field personnel without having to deal with antenna orientation or bulky equipment. For example, if your organization has a base of operations in London, with field personnel in Nigeria the Headquarters dock would be an excellent way for those two groups to keep in constant communication. 

The Headquarters Dock is POTS enabled, so it can be used with any standard telephone line in the world. It can also be used by integrating it into an organizatio's PBX (Private Branch Exchange), as well as utilizing the Iridium Intelligent Handset. You can even use it with a palm microphone and external speakers for conference calls. Additionally, integration into a speaker phone is seamless and simple. By simply pressing the “#” key on the phone you can emulate the PTT push on the PTT handset.

The ASE 9575 HQ-­‐P version includes a docking cradle, swivel/desk wall mount, fist mic/speaker, and ac/dc adapter. The ASE 9575 HQ-­‐H version also includes a docking cradle, swivel/desk wall mount, and ac/dc adapter, but includes an intelligent handset rather than a simple fist mic/speaker. Optional accessories include external antennas (ASE FA12 or ASE FA20), the privacy handset and mount bracket (ASE MNT03), external speaker (ASE SPK01), and the fist mic/speaker and mount bracket combo (ASE MNTE2).

  • Docking cradle
  • Swivel/desk wall mount
  • Ac/dc adapter
Optional accessories:
  • External antennas (ASE FA12 or ASE FA20)
  • Privacy handset and mount bracket (ASE MNT03)
  • External speaker (ASE SPK01)
  • fist mic/speaker and mount bracket combo (ASE MNTE2).


Electrical Specifications

Operating Voltage

10-32 VDC

Power Consumption

12 Watts (Avg Active)

Gain Limit

L1: 26-32 dB
FREQ: 1575+5 MHZ
Cable Impedance: 50 ohm
SMA Male

DC Powered

Iridium Adapter/Charger

Environmental Specifications

Operating Temp Range

0C to +70C



Mechanical Dimensions


13L x 6W x 4.5H inches (33 x 15 x 11.43 cm)


3.5 lbs (1.58kg)


Optional vehicle mount