ASE Bearcat Iridium 9575A DOD Docking Station

Manufacturer: ASE
Product ID: ASE-9575A-HQ-DOD


The ASE 9575A-HQ-DOD Docking Station is the only docking station that supports General Dynamics’ Iridium 9575A satellite phone handset. It is the ideal secure satellite communications solution for your military/government operations, no matter where you are.

The ASE-9575-HQ-DOD Bearcat Iridium dock was made for the Iridium 9575A handheld satellite phone with Iridium Security Module (ISM2) for secure encryption. It provides secure global voice, data, and paging capabilities. The Iridium 9575A can also provide Short Burst Data (SBD).

  • Supports Iridium 9575A Handheld Satphone
  • Easy office integration with the POTS system (additional equipment required)
  • DOD compatability with the Iridium® Security Module 2
  • Wide range input power

ASE Docking Station: ASE-9575-HQ-DOD Contents:

  • Secure docking cradle with POTS support that accommodates the Iridium 9575A unique configuration
  • Wall mount
  • ac/dc adapter

ASE Bearcat Brochure

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