ASE BagDock for Iridium 9575 (PTT Enabled)

Price: $1,095.00



ASE BagDock for Iridium 9575 (PTT Enabled)

The ASE Bag Dock works with both the Iridium 9575 and 9575 PTT handsets. Included in the travel bag is a three-meter magnetic mount dual antenna. These antennas are designed to be easily placed atop a vehicle for mobile use, or mounted at temporary field locations to ensure that your handsets never drop. Also included with the bag dock is a fist mic/speaker designed to facilitate PTT communication.  Aux input also included.

The Bag Dock is perfect for quick deploying emergency teams, traveling field personnel, and equipping vehicles to stay in constant communication. It is charged using the Iridium AC/DC adapter provided for the Iridium 9575 handset and while it is intended to be operated in a vehicle or shelter, it does enjoy operating temperatures between 0C and 70C. At only 2.25 lbs., the Bag Dock is a light-weight solution to a difficult problem.

On the move, on the go - Always on
  • Grab and go capable - in or out of vehicle
  • Includes external antenna with magnetic mounting
  • Incoming and outgoing phone calls on the move
  • Easy integration with auxiliary vehicle audio systems
  • Permanent vehicle installation

  • travel bag
  • docking cradle
  • 3M magnetic mount dual antenna
  • fist mic/speaker


Electrical Specifications
Operating Voltage 10-32 VDC
Power Consumption 12 Watts (Avg Active)
Gain Limit L1: 26-32 dB
FREQ: 1575+5 MHZ
Cable Impedance: 50 ohm
SMA Male
DC Powered Iridium Adapter/Charger                                

Environmental Specifications
Operating Temp Range 0C to +70C
Exposure Indoor                                                                      

Mechanical Dimensions
Dimensions 13L x 6W x 4.5H inches (33 x 15 x 11.43 cm)  
Weight 3.5 lbs (1.58kg)
Mounting Optional vehicle mount    

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