GIT Satellite Communications offers VSAT satellite communications systems that serve home, business and government users with a need larger data transfer capability. The VSAT terminals provide a two-way satellite ground station from which the laptop or Wi-Fi network can receive Internet signal through a special satellite VSAT modem.

Click here to download the BGAN vs VSAT service comparison.

EXPLORER 7100GX Drive-Away Antenna
EXPLORER 7100GX Drive-Away Antenna for...
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Paradigm Connect100T Terminal
The Paradigm Connect100T Terminal for...
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EXPLORER 5075GX Portable Auto-Acquire Fly-Away System
The EXPLORER 5075GX is a rugged and portable auto-acquire Fly-Away system...
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DataPath QCT90 Man-portable satellite terminal
Quick Case Technology™ (QCT) 90...
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