Iridium Certus Broadband

Iridium Certus® represents an entirely new class of mobile satellite broadband service capable of meeting critical communication needs anywhere on the planet.

Leveraging the enhanced infrastructure, capacity and capabilities of The Iridium® Constellation, Iridium Certus® will deliver reliable, versatile, enterprise-grade mobile satellite broadband communications – everywhere. 

Demand for satellite broadband is rapidly expanding. Revenue is forecasted to triple to over $5 billion annually over the next decade, with the L-band opportunity – the frequency band of Iridium Certus® – comprising one-third. 

As a standalone or complementary solution, Iridium Certus® broadband will offer an unprecedented best-in-class combination of network throughput, superior coverage and quality, value and smaller form factors. It will not simply compete. Together with industry-leading partners, it is poised to establish a whole new paradigm in the satellite broadband market.