Engineering Services

GIT Satellite specializes in architecture and development of Iridium satellite M2M products.  We establish basic design requirements for a product based on customer needs, and develop hardware/software solutions meeting these requirements.

For hardware, GIT Satellite delivers a design package suitable for providing to the contract manufacturer of your choice.  GIT Satellite has established relationships with a number of Austin-based contract manufacturing houses and can provide completed prototypes of your product.  We have developed the automated test equipment to ensure a quality final build.

GIT Satellite develops embedded product software using a structured process from requirements to delivery.  We can perform acceptance testing of your product.

GIT Satellite also has an in-house capability to develop cloud-based web applications for satellite M2M products.  Our X-Track cloud-based tracking program was developed to operate on any device with a web browser and an Internet connection.

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GIT Satellite Communications provides total asset visibility for clients by utilizing sophisticated asset tracking and fleet tracking systems, develops custom business solutions for specific internal and external communications needs, and develops custom business solutions for specific internal and external communications needs..

GIT's outstanding customer service provides complete technical support to commercial, government, and individual satellite phone users.